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Shoulder pain

Irritated nerves from the cervical spine are often the cause of problems in the shoulder.The nerves from the cervical spine connect to the muscles and tissues of the shoulder, so if these nerves are irritated, tightening or weakening of the shoulder muscles occur.This leads to a dysfunctional shoulder, usually a mechanically compromisedrotator cuff. If one slouches forward while standing or sitting, or if one overuses the shoulder in tennis or golf, or in repetitive motion activities in the workplace, the shoulder joint muscles can become strained or tightened.

No matter how it happened, if you fail to correct the problem, it can get much worse, even resulting in almost compete inability to use the shoulder.

The doctor can recommend the proper treatment for your shoulder pain.It will likely involve a combination of correcting muscle imbalances, as well as associated spinal subluxations.
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